Social Media Marketing Myths: What You Need to Stop Believing in 2023

One thing is certain, Social Media is here to stay and so is Social Media Marketing. Safe to say even the most tech savvy experienced Online Marketer, has some social media beliefs that are in need of updating. We have gathered some Social Media Marketing Myths that should go away along with 2023. So are you ready to debunk some myths? 

  • A/B Testing Isn’t Everything: Sure, A/B testing has its place, but it’s not the end-all-be-all. Mixing it up with multivariate tests can give you a clearer picture by tweaking several things at once.
  • LinkedIn Ad Copy Must Be Short: Don’t be shy with words in your LinkedIn ads. More info can mean more engagement, especially if people need to get to know your brand better.
  • Gated Content is Necessary for Leads: Remember when locking content behind forms was the way to go? Not anymore. Free-flowing content can also bring in solid leads and let prospects engage as they like.
  • Followers Must Follow a Purchase Path: The traditional funnel of moving followers from awareness to purchase may not be effective. Providing relevant insights and building trust are more important for conversion​.
  • Vanity Metrics Aren’t Valuable: Metrics like likes and followers are important indicators of performance, reflecting potential reach and engagement​. So maybe do not skip those.
  • Posts Always Need a CTA and URL: Sometimes, the best posts are those that don’t demand anything. Not every social media post requires a call to action or a URL. Sometimes, content that educates or entertains without asking for anything can be more impactful​.
  • Ads Must Convert Immediately: The expectation that ads will show conversions and revenue within a short period is unrealistic, especially in B2B, where sales cycles are longer​.

The important takeaway here is that moving beyond these outdated assumptions can help marketers create more effective and meaningful social media strategies . With this in mind, heading into the future of social media marketing, it’s like we’re stepping into a whole new world of possibilities. It’s not just about changing up our game plan; it’s about totally transforming how we chat and connect with people online. We’re talking about a future where it’s not all about how many clicks or sales we get. It’s way bigger than that.

So, as we cruise into this future, it’s all about being more in tune with our audience, keeping it real, and making those connections that go beyond just selling stuff. It’s an exciting time to be in social media marketing, don’t you think? Let’s make it awesome together!

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