We create optimal Customer Journeys

We create optimal customer journeys! We use online marketing to build relationships with customers. Relationships where customers not only return to your organization, but also become fans of it. No growth hacks, no quick fixes. Continuously focused on the question: how do we offer our customers the optimal customer journey

What can we help you with?

We believe that the success of your brand depends on the value you create for your customers. Our goal is to help you convey that value throughout the entire customer journey. This way, you’ll leave a lasting impression on your customers! To achieve this, we use the following marketing tools:

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Google advertising

Do you want visitors on your website? And especially the visitors that are really valuable to you? We know how! We set up Google Ads campaigns that fit your company. We get to know your organization and your customers, so we know exactly who you want to attract with Google Ads.

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We combine creativity and technical expertise to create websites that are not only visually appealing but also seamlessly align with your brand identity. Of course, your website needs to convert! So, we continuously test what works and what doesn’t.


Social media marketing

Our team specializes in creating engaging and relevant content for your social media platforms. Through strategic targeting, the use of data analysis, and continuous optimization, we ensure that you leave a lasting impression.

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Customer journey check

A customer journey is the “journey” a customer goes through with your organization. Do you want to build long-term relationships with customers? Then do the customer journey check with us, and we will optimize your customer journey. We aim for relationships where customers not only return to your organization but also genuinely become fans of it.

About Us

We believe that the path to the success of your brand starts with understanding the pain points, needs, and expectations of your customers at every moment during the customer journey. Once you have this information, you can truly help your customers. Great for customers, and good for your revenue growth! Our team of marketers, each with their own expertise, has a common goal; we want to set up optimal customer journeys! Whether it’s about building attractive websites, creating relevant content for your target audience, or gathering customer insights, we ensure that you leave a positive impression at every touchpoint

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What makes us unique?

We use data analysis, market and target group research, and innovative technologies to identify critical points in your customer journey. Then, we apply our marketing expertise to set up the optimal customer journey. Whether it’s optimizing websites, implementing effective social media strategies, or creating personalized content, we ensure that every customer touchpoint becomes a positive experience! In this way, we aim to help your organization grow by building long-term relationships with your customers.

Why choose T1 Marketing?

We specialize in optimizing customer journeys. Here’s what you can expect from us:

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Lead generation

Our method for optimizing your online marketing quickly results in relevant website visitors, downloads, and more leads

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Revenue generation

We create multiple revenue streams and products, lower the barrier to purchase, and ensure that you remain top-of-mind with leads continuously.



We analyze customer experiences and satisfaction and continuously find new ways to further support current customers. The key point to consider here is that the customer journey is far from over after a purchase.

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