We build customer driven customer experiences

We create optimal Customer Journeys

We implement online marketing to build relationships with customers. Relationships where customers won’t only come back to your organization, but will become fans. No growth hacks, no quick fixes. Continuously working on the question; how do we offer our customers the optimal customer journey. 

We build customer driven customer experiences

Customer Journey Optimization, how does that work?

The customer journey is the ‘journey’ a customer undertakes from the moment he or she first learns about your organization, until well after a purchase has been made. A typical customer usually won’t make an immediate purchase on their first visit of your website. It may also take quite some time before a customer comes back for more. If they come back at all. Customer journeys can take months to years! Do you want to optimize the customer journey? Then you’ll have to investigate the ways in which customers get into contact with you (touchpoints), how they experience these contact moments, and which efforts do or do not generate value for customers. All the while, considering how revenue will be generated.

Our Customer Journey Check is designed to analyze the journey of your customers. During the check we zoom in on different buyer-personas and target groups, we map the customer journey, and investigate how your customers experience the customer journey. Based on the findings of the Customer Journey Check we’ll advise whether and how strategic Online Marketing can be used to optimize the customer journey.

Customer Journey optimization by T1Marketing

After we’ve gained insights into the customer journey, different target groups, and the experiences of customers during the customer journey, we can start with optimizing the customer journey.

First, we set up goals, plans, and relevant KPIs. Then we’ll implement and apply multiple Online Marketing resources at different stages of the customer journey, through multiple online channels. After that, it’s a matter of executing the plans, fine-tuning them, and evaluating them.


Customer Journey Check

Customer Journey Evaluation

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Why would you want to optimize the customer journey?

Lead Generation

Implementation of our customer journey optimization method quickly results in relevant website visitors, downloads, and more leads.

Revenue Generation

We create multiple revenue streams and products, lower the barrier to purchase, and ensure you continuously stay top-of-mind with leads.


We analyze customer experiences and satisfaction and continuously find new ways to further support current customers. The key point to consider here is that the customer journey is far from over after a purchase.

Are you ready to set up the best customer journey?