Set up optimal Customer Journeys

The customer journey is the ‘journey’ a customer goes through from the moment they first get to know your organization, until well after a purchase has been made. Throughout this journey, a customer normally goes through a number of stages before a purchase is made. And once a purchase has been completed it may just be that it takes a long time before the customer comes back to your organization. If the customer comes back at all..

By visualizing the different phases that a customer goes through, you gain insight into the touchpoints that customers have with your organization. When you also get in touch with customers to understand how they experience these touchpoints, and do this for different target groups, you are well on your way to optimizing the customer journey. This is what our Customer Journey Check is all about.

Create the optimal customer journey

We create optimal customer journeys. The optimal customer journey is where online marketing meets sales and support. No growth hacks or quick fixes. What we do is work on the question; how do we as an organization continuously provide the best service to our customers – how do we offer our customers a great customer experience, throughout the entire customer journey?

Our method for creating customer journeys is suitable for B2B, consultants, business service providers and law firms. Above all, it is important that your organization wants to engage with customers. Conversations with customers are always central to our approach. Furthermore, it is important that you want to use and combine different marketing tools. That way, you will continuously be top-of-mind with customers from the moment they become aware of your organization, until well after a purchase has been made. Our approach is not about being visible on as many channels as possible, but about supporting customers as specifically as possible during the customer journey.

This is how we create optimal customer journeys

Customer Journey Check

With the Customer Journey Check we analyze the current situation. By talking to your customers we zoom in on customer experiences and map out the customer journey. We also conduct an online marketing analysis and create multiple buyer personas that describe your different target groups.


Here we make concrete how insights from the Customer Journey Check will be used to optimize the customer journey. We set up a content plan with an accompanying timeline, plan which channels will be used, and describe which KPIs will be used to measure the effectiveness of our efforts.


In this phase, the plan is executed. Here, the customer journey is continuously optimized, we execute the content plan, and we conduct research into customer satisfaction and customer experiences.


At the end of the implementation of the plan, the steps made are evaluated. Of course, we wouldn't be customer journey specialists if we didn't take a moment to reflect on the collaboration with your organization. Afterwards, we set up new plans again!

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