Content marketing


Content marketing is the creation and distribution of valuable content for a specific target audience. But what exactly do we mean by content? Content is basically everything made available by online and offline media. Examples of content are texts, videos, vlogs, social media posts, blogs, articles, photos, and so on.

The goal of content marketing is, in the long run, to convert interested consumers into customers. You do this by sharing valuable content with your target audience throughout the customer journey. Do you deploy content marketing? Then you are trying to help your target audience solve a problem with all your marketing expressions.

Benefits of content marketing

Content marketing has many different benefits. First, it can greatly enhance your company’s brand awareness and image. By creating unique and eye-catching content, your company can really excel and be discovered by new customers. This is a huge benefit to your business.

In addition to discovering customers, content marketing is also very useful for keeping current customers informed. Customers like to hear what you have to say as a company and want to stay informed about the latest trends and developments within the company. For example, the customer can be kept informed by showing new products and/or services.

It can also be interesting, for example, to retarget current customers with valuable content marketing. In this way, relationships can be built with current customers. As the relationship with the customer becomes stronger and stronger, the loyalty of these customers will also increase. Consequently, they will purchase your products/services more and recommend them to family and friends. In this way, lasting customer relationships are developed.

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Another important benefit is that sales can be increased through content marketing. In fact, good content will be able to greatly increase traffic to your website or store. This then leads to higher/extra revenue.

Types of content marketing

There are different types of content marketing. We provide the following services:

Blog articles

Social media posts


SEO texts




Business cards

Logo design




Is your desired service not listed? Don’t worry! Feel free to send us a message and who knows, maybe we can help you on your way.

Why outsource content marketing?

The right content helps you stand out as a business and is therefore essential for achieving online success. It is therefore wise to outsource content marketing to us because:

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It helps to prevent tunnel vision

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We work with data and your input

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We are creative, flexible and experienced

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We get better results than you do

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We save you time, energy and stress

So to make a difference in the world of content marketing, T1 Marketing is the right place to be! This is because we always create unique, eye-catching and valuable content. We also always take into account the corporate identity of the company and we can even create this corporate identity especially for you.

Besides creating unique content, we can also attract more visitors to your website. With the right content marketing strategy, you also optimize the SEO of your website. In short, a win-win situation!

Wondering what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us!