When we talk about copywriting, we are actually talking about writing. The right words can really make a website come alive. When you take away all the text, you suddenly have an empty unusable and untraceable website. This makes copywriting an important part of your marketing mix. It’s how you provide people with the right information, spur them into action and make your company findable on the Internet.

The purpose of copywriting

Every business website basically all have the same goal: conversion. You naturally want your visitors to take action, such as ordering something, registering or contacting you.  Ultimately, of course, the goal is to bring in customers, which then leads to sales.

Copywriting helps guide visitors toward that specific goal. Because people have a short attention span online and because there is a lot of competition, you don’t want a single letter to be written incorrectly on your website. Copywriting is therefore not only there to inform people, but also to trigger visitors to take a certain action. 

Good copywriting thus provides the ultimate customer experience. At T1 Marketing, we give the customer the right customer journey using accompanying copy. We connect the customer with your product or service.


What kind of copywriting services do we offer?

We provide various forms of copywriting and, in fact, nothing is too crazy for us. So feel free to ask if we can do anything for you, because most of the time we can! The forms of copywriting we deal with the most are:


With the right blogs, you will attract new audiences to your website and also retain them on your website. The online findability of the website will also be improved!

Landing pages

Landing pages ensure that customers can find exactly what they are looking for. This also increases findability in online search engines!

Web texts

Attractive, eye-catching and readable web copy triggers your target audience to take action. Besides being informative, it also ensures conversion.

Social texts

In addition to copywriting, you can also outsource social media management to us. When posting unique content, copywriting is essential.

Why outsource copywriting?

When writing copy, it is very important that the copywriter understands the target audience and the purpose of the business. In addition, it is also very important that the copywriter creates an eye-catching, creative and attractive piece of content. This way, the reader can take action and this is of course the goal of every company!

Copywriting is therefore not easy, but for T1 marketing it is a daily job. We are happy to help you write informative, convincing, understandable and converting texts. Think of web texts, social media texts, newsletters, emails, articles, blogs and much more!

So do you want to grab the reader’s attention within seconds? Write texts your readers will love? Then discover the power of copywriting and outsource it by our true professionals. Everything is possible. T1 Marketing is happy to help you on your way!