My customer journey with IMU (Internet Marketing Unie)

Are you familiar with IMU? Perhaps the names Tonny Loorbach and Martijn van Tongeren are more likely to ring a bell with entrepreneurs and marketing specialists. IMU stands for Internet Marketing Unie and is one of the largest online marketing agencies in the Netherlands.

They may be perceived by some as somewhat pushy
(they are sneaky marketers I can tell you). The books they sell are full of clever sales tricks and advertisements of their own products. After downloading an E-Book, you won’t escape the standard email funnel for the next few weeks either. IMU knows better than anyone how customer journeys and funnels are best set-up, that much is clear to me. Even if the above doesn’t sound very promising yet.

Customer Journey with IMU

Anyway, I am still a fan! Fan as an online marketer and entrepreneur, because for years I have benefited greatly from the knowledge shared by IMU. I’m also a fan because I get excited about customer journeys. And they’ve been getting me good for years. I’m not escaping from IMU’s customer journey anytime soon. Out of my interest in customer journeys, I decided to dive into my own ‘journey’ with IMU. How did I become a fan? And what can I expect from IMU in the near future?

First encounter with IMU

My customer journey with IMU began when I first became interested in psychology and marketing years ago. In my online searches for information on Online Marketing, Google Ads and SEO, IMU was invariably on the first page in the search results. Surely that group will know what they are talking about, I thought. After reading about ten blogs and two E-books or so, my interest ebbed for a while.

More IMU! Podcasts

Months later I stumbled upon a podcast by Albert Sonnevelt and Tonny Loorbach; ‘The Psychology of Success’. In this podcast, Albert and Tonny provide weekly answers to questions sent in by listeners. Topics such as personal development, entrepreneurship, job happiness, procrastination, growth, are covered in the podcast. Anyone who has listened to a few of these podcasts will not have escaped it. Founder and co-owner of IMU is: Tonny Loorbach. Shortly thereafter, I put IMU’s Marketing Talk podcast in my playlist.

The classic first purchase

Up to that point, I haven’t made a purchase from IMU. However, as a novice marketer, I do know that I can gain knowledge about marketing at IMU. Courses, blogs, videos, E-books, you name it. They tell you all about Customer Journey’s and digital funnels, which is what they have me stuck in! In the end, it couldn’t be helped. For € 15, – I bought the book ‘the Online Marketing Tornado’. The first little bit of turnover is in the pocket. But this is the entry point, I knew it myself. To everyone at IMU, I look forward to seeing what else awaits me on my journey 😉




Tim Pluimers

Tim Pluimers

In 2019, I started T1Marketing. I am interested in everything related to the psychological and behavioral aspects of marketing. And of course in customer journeys! So this is where I like to write and write regularly.