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About T1Marketing

In 2019, T1Marketing was founded by Tim Pluimers. It is easy to guess where the inspiration for the name T1Marketing came from… Throughout recent years it became clear what T1Marketing was going to stand for. Good online marketing that creates value for customers and makes them happy. Our team, together with a wide network of experienced freelancers, helps to set up and optimize customer journeys.

Our idea behind Customer Journey Optimization

We are regularly annoyed by companies’ Online Marketing efforts (who isn’t?). Payment pages that don’t work. Inboxes filled with dozens of automated emails from the same company we’ve never purchased anything from. Irrelevant, pushy ads while scrolling. You get the point. We think Online Marketing can be done better and more meaningful! To us, this is where analyzing and optimizing customer journeys and customer experiences plays a crucial role.

Partners of T1Marketing

We work closely together with freelancers and small Online Marketing agencies that specialize in different aspects of Online Marketing. Through these strategic partnerships, we’re able to provide even better service to our customers. We know exactly who can help us, so that we can help you best.

Our experience shows that the knowledge and skills of the freelancers and agencies in our network in areas like SEO and online advertising match together well with our methods to optimize customer journeys. We often end up collaborating with the following partners.


Smoop consists of a team of 6 in-house experts in the field of online marketing. Since its founding in 2011, Smoop is based in The Hague and operates as a combined website building, online marketing and web design agency. When setting up complex campaigns, we invariably reach out to Smoop for advice.

Albagora is an SEO & Content agency. This is who we contact when we want to have our web pages analyzed, adjusted, or improved. When we need new content, Albagora helps us out.